The LittleTravelNotebook Team

Engagement Photo is a joint project between Robert and Chris Clark. Robert is a emergency management consultant and Chris is a freelance writer. Together, they love to travel and experience new things. LittleTravelNotebook is mainly written by Chris and photographed by Robert, but occasionally the roles change, depending on the trip. You can expect to hear from both on a regular basis.

One ongoing feature of is the Taco Traveler series. Robert and Chris love tacos and are on a constant quest to find the best tacos out there. Don’t think they are limited to that though. Sushi, barbeque, burgers and cajun food are all favorites as well – you’re just more likely to hear about the tacos for now.

Robert and Chris travel as often as possible. Sometimes it’s a quick weekend getaway in the camper with the dog, other times it’s a weekend in a swank downtown hotel. Robert has traveled the globe for business and Chris has seen most of the US. Together they have explored Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, San Fransisco, the Gulf Coast, Colorado and several other states.

Sometimes the trips are downright cheap and sometimes they are budget busters but no matter where Robert and Chris travel they take photos, keep notes and write it all up so your trip can be better.

If any travel, accommodation, meal or other travel related expense is complimentary, that fact will be noted at the beginning of the post. Robert and Chris don’t write about travel as a way to get free stuff but if the right opportunity comes along, it will be considered for inclusion on If it happens, it won’t be a secret to the readers though.

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