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Our TBEX Swag – Giveaway!

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Travelers and Travel Writers – pay attention! If you missed the Travel Blog Exchange on July 26, you missed some important stuff. Not only did we get some great ideas for building our blog but we made some fabulous contacts and got some cool swag. Keep reading if you want some cool swag too!

Kristain of Londonelicious is going to hook us up with some cheap eats next time we’re there.

Sandy of Travels with Sandy actually quit her job so she could travel. How cool is that?

Mary Ann of Enchanted-Traveler spends a few weeks each year in France and Kiratiana actually lived in Paris – and she’s blogging about how to do that for yourself.

Chris of Amateur Traveler has been podcasting about his travels for four years and shred some great insights both about travel and about capturing good video.

Amber of Mile High Mamas is cool just because she’s from Denver – we’re big fans of Colorado!

Heather is a flight attendant and shared some pretty hilarious stories from her Galley Gossip column on Gadling.

Linda writes about travels with children at MinneMom and wow, she has some serious detail in those posts. You’ll know where to go, how to get there, where all the good snacks are and everything.

Jeff of Savvy Navigator plans some awesome luxury tours for his gay clients. And we do mean awesome!

Kristin was there to represent the Chicago Office of Tourism who operates the awesome @exploreChicago on Twitter. Anything you need Chicago info just ask @exploreChicago and  they’ll hook you up.

Jessie and Ed were there from Wandering Educators and were great to meet up with.

Kelly of Travellious was there after several days on the road as part of the TBEX Road Trip. Kelly likes to travel rebelliously. We’re not quite there but we get it and we love it!

Donna of My Itchy Travel Feet writes for baby boomers who travel and she tweeted pretty much all of TBEX.

We also met folks from Vail Resorts who want us to come and visit and so many other people we can’t even list them all.

If you want to feel like you were there, here’s one opportunity – we’re giving away one of our Travel Blog Exchange Swag Bags.

Swag Bag 1

Here’s what you’ll get –

  • a Hertz laptop friendly backpack,
  • an Energizer battery charger and batteries,
  • a Boingo luggage tag and free try of Boingo internet,
  • a free session of GoGo Inflight Internet,
  • a bunch of the new Starbucks Via brew,
  • an Ask Arthur Frommer book,
  • a Tots-on-the-Go first aid kit,
  • a Savvy Navigator luggage tag,
  • a stainless steel TravelPod water bottle,
  • a free level one language lesson from Rosetta Stone,
  • a tugo cupholder for your suitcase,
  • a $10 gift certificate and free shipping from,
  • a CD of the Indie Travel Podcast and
  • a thumb drive.

In addition we picked up –

  • a BootsnAll t-shirt (black, size large, men’s style),
  • a BootsnAll sticker and
  • a GoGo Inflight Internet luggage handle wrap.

In order to enter, please leave a comment with your name (we don’t want anonymous winners!) telling us your favorite travel destination and why you like it so much. We’re planning some trips and want some good ideas, so give us your best. You can gain an extra entry by tweeting about our contest, featuring a link to this post and our name, @Travel_Notebook.

The contest is open to anyone. You don’t have to be a travel blogger, you don’t have to live in the US. Now, start commenting! Contest ends at 12pm CST on Monday, August 3, 2009.



  1. I could tell you “Europe” but that would be too vague, and the truth is, the one place that has me hooked up right now is Seattle (and general environs). Why? It is USA, but as far as I can get away from Miami and still be in the continuous-48; it has great weather (current heatwave notwithstanding); awesome food (even for this kosher traveler); and hits just the right notes when mixing city fun with outdoorsy wanderings. Last June we went for 2 weeks and went from having great coffee in the streets of Downtown to wading in snow (in June!) on the peaks of Hurricane Ridge over in the Olympic Peninsula! We returned in Nov for a taste of winter, and cannot wait to go back again.

  2. My favorite destination at the moment is Oregon. Last year I spent a week starting in Portland, touring wine country, and going down the coast. There was a great variety of activities, scenery and food in such a small area.

  3. Mont-St-Michel, Need I say more?

    I can’t say there is no other place like this in the world, but this place is special, In it’s rich history and it’s unique architecture, I’ve done the day tour and It was breathtaking, Now, we are planning a trip back, We are going to stay in the hotel and do the night tour!! Night Tours are only available July and August, You have one month left, If you want to go!!!!!
    If you are a Military History Buff, Normandy is just right down the road!, Great Food, Great BandB’s to rest in, What’s not to love about France?

    Thanks, Shelby

  4. My favorite destination list is growing with each country/city I visit. However, there is one Place that I absolutely love. That is Canterbury, England. It is a charming little town, with boatloads of history! Away from the hustle and bustle of London, about two hours away by train. There you will see quaint buildings, winding rivers, a grand cathedral in the middle of the city, and cobblestone streets. You will fall in love with this place, as I did. I hope to go back someday, and England is one of my favorite countries to visit. There are so much history, So many different towns with so much character. London is another place I have to add to my list. With many reasons, I cannot list all of them-for it would be too much! I would love to go back to England, and touch the soil each season. For I am sure, there is much to offer travel addicts!

    Care for a Cup of Tea and Scones anyone?
    Ciao 🙂

  5. Oooh me me, pick me, me! I couldn’t attend TBEX, as I was on assignment in Norway!

    (Though wouldn’t you know it TONIGHT I’m stranded in Chicago back en route to SF! Just a week too late!)

  6. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

    I’ve traveled the world, but Cape Breton had more bang-per-kilometer than most places. Going from French-speaking towns to Gaelic-speaking towns in one day felt like a world tour. The music was incredible and a sound all it’s own–the oatcakes were the best on earth (even better than Scotland!), and the scenery was breathtaking. Great people, great hiking, great place to go.

  7. Derry, Northern Ireland. The history and the music rise out of the landscape there, so much to learn, see, and think about. The people are warm and welcoming, and they also have the best pizza in Ireland… and some of the best festive season lights at holiday time.

  8. i LOVE seattle. love love love it! that would be my 1st US choice – 2nd US choice would be minneapolis – i love that city so very much.

    i also love scotland (esp the highlands), tokyo, australia…well, the list is never-ending, isn’t it?

  9. Orkney Islands, Scotland. (As well as the entire North/North Western Coast).

    Just returned from one of the most beautiful places on earth. In your standard dialogue about amazing places, you often hear the Isle of Skye mentioned. I’d gone and seen Skye in 07 and enjoyed its majestic beauty, but hungered for more. This July I struck even further north – winding through the North Western coast, before wrapping around and spending two nights on the Orkney Isles. It was breathtaking and offered all of the beauty of Skye and much, much more. It had the rolling hillsides of Ireland, Cliffs that gave Moher a run for it’s money, puffins, seals, amazing ancient history Skara Brae/Ring of Brodgar and all set to the mystical backdrop that is the Highlands.


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