Posted by: christinajclark | 27/07/2009

Ah, Chicago… and TBEX 2009

I grew up in Northwest Indiana and to me, Chicago has always been “The Big City.” As I got older and could drive or hop on the South Shore train by myself I did a little exploring but mainly stayed within a certain area of the city.

This time was a little different. There were three objectives – share some of my favorites with Robert, do some exploring, and of course, go to the Travel Blog Exchange conference.

I would say that most of that was accomplished. I’ll leave the  exploring and the favorites for another post, but TBEX… well, that was great. I am so happy that I found out about it in time and that we were able to go. Robert and I  have kicked around the idea of a travel blog, or some other project we could work on together for quite awhile. Pulling our idea together and starting it off in close proximity to this conference has given us a solid base to start off from, some seriously amazing contacts and lots of great ideas.

I am guessing our entire trip home will be spent talking about ideas, brainstorming and working on posts and plans. I definitely plan to spend some time looking at blogs of people we met, emailing everyone and just getting lots of things written up about Chicago.

We had the opportunity to ride on a sailboat  on Lake Michigan which made me feel like I was home all the way down into my bones. Going to TBEX and bringing Little Travel Notebook together, with Robert is that same kind of feeling.

We’re both really looking forward to the journey and we are glad we’ve met so many on the same journey! Welcome, we hope to keep  the conversation going.

In order to do that, I’m going to ask – what did you do  in Chicago that you loved? If you didn’t go to TBEX but you’ve been to Chicago, what’s your favorite memory of the city? Tell us here or tweet us @Travel_Notebook



  1. we loved TBEX, too – glad to read your take. we did a recap on our site, as well. it is interesting to read what people got out of TBEX – and can’t wait for the next one!

  2. We just got home early Friday…so I suspect it will be at least late this week or early next before I get my TBEX/BlogHer recap posted. I just filled out Kim’s survey, so I’m starting to really think about what I want to write about the conference.
    I found TBEX especially valuable and getting the chance to explore Chicago for a few days was a bonus! (those few days ought to keep me in stories at Midwest Guest for months the way I like to string things out :lol:).
    Glad you got to do a sailboat ride. We went on a couple of river rides…loved it!

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