Posted by: christinajclark | 25/07/2009

The Biting Bibliocat

While wandering along Michigan Ave in Chicago we came across the Fine Arts Building at 410 S Michigan. I saw a sign for a used book and sheet music store called Selected Works. I’m a book junkie and Robert loves music so we headed in. First of all there is no air conditioning so if it’s a hot day it is a bit stuffy. The store is on the second floor so we pushed the elevator button – there was an actual elevator operator! That was a first for both of us though I tried to give my request as if I do it every day.
The building has been an artist’s haven since 1885 according to the web page – and it is a space specifically designed for artists.
The bookstore was a rabbit warren like space with shelves going here there and everywhere all the way up to the ceiling. I, of course, saw one near the top so we grabbed a ladder and Robert climbed up. After Robert went off to look at music the resident cat came to visit. He climbed the ladder and looked at the books and looked at me. I even have some video of it to add at some point.
I went to find Robert soon after and the cat followed. He was trying to play with Robert’s shoe and then leaned up and chomped on Robert’s ankle. Robert yelled and the owner came and took the cat to put him in the “time out room”.
You’d think after that incident I would’ve gotten a discount but no.
If you need an out of the ordinary stop in Chicago, check out Selected Works. Just make sure you wear some boots.
— PostIng on the road


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