Posted by: christinajclark | 25/07/2009


Finally some Chicago style pizza at Lou Malnatis. One of my favorite things about Chicago. We met up with my parents who came over on the train for some lunch. Chicago is full of great lunch options. My Mom emailed me a list of ideas and my only request was that we do not go to any chain restaurants. Besides the quick bite on the road occasionally , Robert and I really try to avoid chains when we are traveling. I was really hoping we would end up going for pizza though, since it is hard to find a good deep dish pizza in Texas. Mom chose the Lou’s on State Street which was near the train station for them and near our hotel as well. It was good, as always. As you can see from the photo I was so excited to dig in I forgot to take a photo when it arrived. The best part about Lou’s? You can buy frozen pizzas to take home or, call 1-800-Lou-to-go and they will send you a pizza – anywhere in the country! We will be carrying a few frozen pizzas home for ourselves and other homesick Chicagoans.
— PostIng on the road


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